Throw a Snowball or create an Avalanche

There is usually a big debate about which method works best. This blog is going to cover what they are and how to use them in our fight against financial debt. So these are the two primary methods of eliminating debt: So to those who aren’t familiar with the plans. There are two ways to get started on this goal. The snowball effect: The debt-snowball … Continue reading Throw a Snowball or create an Avalanche

Weed is where its at !!

Hello, average Joes, We sit down to another feast of market moves and dividends updates. I’ve taken some leaps in the market of Mary Jane. Marijuana is blowing up in the North American continent. I’m my opinion there is a large untapped market in the US market. Thanks to Canada, I love you guys, decriminalizing weed and allowing recreational use. Time for the floodgates to … Continue reading Weed is where its at !!

Diverisfy Your Portfolio

I was recently responding to a question that was posed to me by Nick “The Guy” at my TransAtlantic brother. I wonder how you choose to diversify your stock portfolio though? Do you consider it at all, or are you only focusing on WHEN the dividends are paid out? I appreciated the question because It gave me content to share with my new-found friends. … Continue reading Diverisfy Your Portfolio

What do you want from your investments?

What is it that we really want from our investments? That is a question that most investors ask themselves at one point or another. what is it that I want from my investment? That question has more answers than we currently know. I discovered that I initially wanted to have a source of income coming in to complement the pay. In the beginning, I was … Continue reading What do you want from your investments?

DBC Part 1 : What are dividends and How do they work?

DIvidends, dividends, dividends….I am assuming that we all have heard the term, but I want to make sure that we build a strong foundation of understanding to ensure the best possible outcome. What are dividends? Dividends are a sum of money regularly paid typically quarterly (4 times a year) by a company to its shareholder’s profits. When you buy one share of stock, you get … Continue reading DBC Part 1 : What are dividends and How do they work?