1 Push-up challange

Time to make this year better than last!!

Project 2035

I would like to share one little secret recepy of how to improve your health and to be more physicaly active and healthy.

As you know I have my ways How I improve my health. Each morning I try to do exercise, take a cold showers and then finish the morning routine with a meditation. These 3 things makes me feal very energysed. I don’t even have to drink coffe 🙂 Ofcourse from time to time I skip these morning routines or even abandom them for halfyear or so. But what is most important I alwats comeback or at least try to.

Now what relates to the post name in November I started thinking of gettin back to my sport activity after usual halfyear fallback. Had no mood to start full morning routines so I decided to start low and slow. With a 1 pull-up each morning

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